Behind the gate…

I still remember the phone call I had with my parents after I called the job posting. I called up my parents, making sure both of them were on the line, “I got a Summer job.” My mom was happy as was my dad with his trademark response of, “good!” My mom asked if I was going to be tutoring – no. Working in an office? not exactly. I told them I was going to work at a restaurant at which point my dad burst into a guffaw of laughter, knowing how clumsy I was (am.) And then I told them…

“It’s at a nudist resort.”

My dad burst out in laughter even harder, and my mom tried to shush him so I could repeat myself.

“It’s at…a nudist resort.”

My mom swarmed in on the questions with the first one being, “are YOU going to be naked?!” I said, “no!” (or at least I thought no…wasn’t quite sure at the time.) My dad was laughing so hard I could almost hear him crying. My mom warned him that he would laugh himself into a headache (from a botched brain surgery.)

I told them about the job – no experience necessary – and my mom reminded me of my time before kindergarten wherein she tried teaching me how to pour out of my Thermos into its matching cup. She finally stuck a straw in it and said, “nevermind.” Now here I was….going to be a server.

This was going to be interesting: if not for my clumsiness then the clientele.


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